Connecting Creatives to Capital

Up Front

 The i3 Dynamic™ is the transformation of ideas, inventions and innovations in all stages to yield highly successful business strategies and lucrative returns.

The LinxUS Company is a management consulting and private equity firm established to meet the need for the objective analysis of intellectual properties and assets. These range from early-stage to market ready products and solutions.  LinxUS focuses on partnering with Intellectual Property (IP) communities to provide viable alternatives to capital, successful strategies, and commercialization of their intellectual properties (IP) and assets through licensing and/or sale direct to industry.

As an Innovation Capital firm, we specialize in "Connecting Creatives to Capital™."  There are large firms that puzzle over whether to pay for developed technologies or take a risk on bleeding-edge concepts. They now have a third choice. LinxUs is a new kind of Innomediary that identifies and refines the i3 Dynamic™, reducing market risk in return for a share in the potential rewards.

As an Innovation Capital Firm, LinxUS
  • seeks out and evaluates ideas and technologies from IP communities
  • develops and refines those ideas to the point where their market potential is validated
  • introduces the IP to large corporate firms, typically in the form of a licensing and/or sale agreement
  • seeks out and evaluates ideas and technologies from the inventor community

The result is the acquiring company pays less than it would for developing a market-ready product, and also gets to assess potential products well past the idea stage - increasing its dynamic yield.

The "net" result is that LinxUS reduces a company's acquisition costs and early stage risks. In return, LinxUS shares in the proceeds of the i3 Dynamic™.

LinxUS conducts needed key tasks:

  • Developing Prototypes
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Creating Branding and Packaging
  • Identifys and contacts potential acquiring companies
  • LinxUS also assists in connecting to entrepreneurs and capital who fully develop and commercialize the concept.

To fill the need for "greater, faster, cheaper" innovation, many leading-edge corporations have adopted an "open innovation" business model - thus enabling entrepreneurs, smaller companies, researchers and universities, global hot spots and influential user communities to participate in the corporate innovation process.
LinxUS shortens the gap between creatives and capital.

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